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Empowering Communities
Mobilizing listeners to make a tangible difference locally and in the world.

Engaging The Future
Anticipating and meeting the needs of a new generation of listeners. Engaging our musically gifted youth around the country with a platform to be heard.

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Common Myths Of The Format

"Contemporary Christian Music Stations are Religious Stations"

Adult Contemporary Christian Music stations are music intensive with an Adult Contemporary feel, appealing to people from many walks of life.

Adult Contemporary Christian Music stations are simply a means to reaching a large group of consumers, similar to a country station reaching a country audience, or a rock station reaching the “rock life group”.

"Contemporary Christian Music stations are controversial"

Adult Contemporary Christian Music stations are NOT a forum for political agendas and debate.

They are music stations that program positive and encouraging music. Station DJ’s and programming content provide a family-friendly environment that is uplifting.

"Seacoast Radio Network is a Religious Based Organization"

Our formats and mission are designed to be positive and encouraging, and where there is a spiritual nature to some of the songs and programs, Seacoast Radio Network does not affiliate as a religious organization, nor do we have any denominational affiliation.  Our company is designed to be non-controversial and not air controversial material.

Reaching millions with a positive message of hope and encouragement.


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Kissimmee, FL 34746